"Nikki’s Nutrition is a turnkey diet and lifestyle change program to help your patients improve their outcomes, lose weight and gain optimal health while you increase your revenue and differentiate your pharmacy."

Nikki's Nutrition Brings High Quality Personalized
Nutrition Services To Your Pharmacy

Nikki’s Nutrition is a personalized diet and lifestyle change program that will
differentiate you from your competition, provide you with an additional revenue
stream and help you optimize medication reviews and follow-ups.

A proven nutrition program backed by science will help your patients lose weight, gain optimal health and hold them accountable for their diet and lifestyle choices without the need for you to spend any time, give up a counseling room, hire qualified staff, carry stock or sell products with questionable ingredients.

We have a team of highly experienced Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultants with at least two years of nutrition education who focus on a whole foods diet, healthy habits, sustainable lifestyle changes, and nutrition recommendations.

Unhealthy diets are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.
Providing nutrition services is key and your pharmacy can provide a solution to this epidemic.

Nikki’s Nutrition creates menus and recipes for your patients, assists them in understanding food labels, and provides them with advice on grocery shopping, dining out and more. We address your patient's stress levels, exercise routines, quality of sleep and relaxation, and overall lifestyle habits. Nikki’s Nutrition also digs a little deeper to help your patients discover and address their triggers to overeating.

Nikki’s Nutrition monitors your patient’s progress and provides guidance to help them to achieve their health goals, but most importantly we will educate and empower your patients, encouraging self-responsibility on their journey to health.

Each of our nutrition plans focuses on high-quality whole foods found at any grocery store and the fundamentals of good health.  There are no special products with questionable ingredients to stock or promote.

We provide your patients with a complete nutrition, habit, and lifestyle analysis and create a diet and lifestyle protocols best suited their needs.  Your patients have access to weekly lessons inside our nutrition portal and also receive weekly coaching to help keep them on track and stay accountable.

Nikki’s Nutrition will teach your patients about:

  • What they should and shouldn’t be eating
  • Additives in packaged foods to avoid
  • How to spot hidden sugars
  • The importance of good sleep hygiene
  • Strategies to mitigate stress
  • Strategies to mitigate emotional eating
  • What habits are derailing them and ways to change them
  • How to handle social events
  • How to easily follow their nutrition plan and lose weight
  • Functional foods that will benefit their health conditions
  • The importance of exercise and the support to get them started
  • Supplements suited to their health conditions that won’t interact with their medications.

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