Frequently Asked Questions

What will Nikki’s Nutrition do for my patients?

Nikki’s Nutrition evaluates your patient's nutritional needs by identifying health imbalances through a comprehensive intake analysis. We develop individualized health and nutrition plans, which include nutrient-dense whole foods, lifestyle recommendations, and naturally sourced supplements that help bring your patients health back into a state of balance.  

Nikki’s Nutrition create menus and recipes for your patients, assists them in understanding food labels, provides them with advice on grocery shopping, dining  out and more. We address your patient's stress levels, exercise routines, quality of sleep and relaxation, and overall lifestyle habits. Nikki’s Nutrition also digs a little deeper to help your patients discover and address their triggers to overeating.

Nikki’s Nutrition monitors your patient’s progress and provides guidance to help them to achieve their health goals, but most importantly we will educate and empower your patients, encouraging self-responsibility on their journey to health.

Which of my patients would benefit from this program?

It is easier to make a list of who would not benefit! A majority of clinical protocols for many health conditions call for first line treatment to be diet and lifestyle changes. Unfortunately, this is usually ignored by health care professionals because they do not have the tools or the time. Almost every condition can be improved with better diet and lifestyle choices, which is what Nikki’s Nutrition teaches.

Why is it important to offer a whole food diet and lifestyle change program now?

Our healthcare system is in crisis and overloaded with conditions that are diet and lifestyle related. These conditions will cost our healthcare system billions of dollars, increase wait times for essential surgeries and it is 100% preventable with a proper diet and lifestyle. Your pharmacy can be part of the solution.

What other health conditions can Nikki’s Nutrition help?

Many! When people improve their diet, health conditions like chronic diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux, bloating, gas, and gallbladder issues can resolve on their own.  Medications can work more efficiently and autoimmune conditions can go into remission.

Who will be working with my patients?

All programs are delivered by nutrition professionals. All of Nikki’s Nutrition staff have at least a 2-year Diploma in Natural Nutrition and all staff carries their own liability insurance.

Are Nikki’s Nutrition services covered by insurance?

Some insurance companies will cover these nutrition services.  Patients will have to pay up front and submit the receipt for reimbursement.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition follow up with my pharmacy regarding my patient's progress?

Absolutely. It is vital for you to be part of your patient’s weight loss, health journey, and health outcomes. Nikki’s Nutrition will notify you of their weekly progress, allowing you to do more follow-ups.

How much extra space is required?

None. All services are delivered virtually so there is no need to provide counseling rooms or shelf space.  Our easy to use nutrition portal houses all intake forms, waivers, weekly content, and handouts. Live coaching calls are done via phone, Zoom or video conferencing inside the nutrition portal.

How much extra staff will I need?

No extra staffing is needed. Nikki’s Nutrition provides a qualified nutrition professional for each of your patients to personalize and deliver their nutrition program.

How much inventory do I need to carry?

There is no inventory.  All foods can be purchased at the local grocery store.  There are no special pills, potions or packaged foods with questionable ingredients to stock.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition promote this program to my patients?

Yes. There will be a weekly nutrition email letter that will go to all patients and quarterly nutrition challenges for everyone registered.

Will this interrupt the way I run my practice right now?

No, this program is designed to enhance your practice with no interruptions to your regular services. The program gives you an opportunity to provide detailed health, diet and lifestyle recommendations to your patients that they so desperately need.  It also allows you to generate future follow-ups to increase revenue for your pharmacy.

How is this program marketed?

Nikki's Nutrition will provide you will all the marketing materials that you need and will run quarterly nutrition challenges to get potential patients engaged. You will have access to shelf talkers, bag stuffers, iron man signs and many other materials. You decide on the type and quantity of promotion materials you require.

How much time will this take me and my staff?

Merely minutes. All you need to do is input the name, email and phone number into our desktop icon and Nikki’s Nutrition will take care of the rest.  Access to brochures, bag stuffers and shelf talkers will be provided.

Is there training involved?

Yes. Nikki’s Nutrition will train your staff on how to correctly input the patient contact information which only takes a few minutes.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition recommend against or discontinue pharmaceuticals?

Absolutely not!  This is out of the scope of practice for any nutrition professional. Only nutrition and lifestyle recommendations will be given and supplements may be recommended to address any nutrient deficiencies caused by medications or previous dietary habits. You will be notified of any supplement recommendations.

Will there be a cost to my patients?

Yes. There is an upfront fee for your patients.

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