I am now able to give my patients access to the quality nutritional counseling that will teach, coach and encourage them to take their health into their own hands. These patients have been so pleased with the opportunity to change their health on their own, that they come back just to tell me how they are doing.

Bob, BSP Prescribing Pharmacist

I know my patients have to adjust their diet and lifestyle to prevent future serious events, but up until I started teaming up with a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant at Nikki’s Nutrition I had nothing to offer them.

Kathy, BSP Prescribing Pharmacist

I have worked with Nikki both personally and have referred clients to her. When pharmacists help patients to manage their medications and health, weight is a common area that people want help in. When I refer clients to her I have the utmost confidence that Nikki does a great job of educating clients in how to lose weight safely and feel better. I specialize in hormone therapy and weight reduction is one of my goals with clients to help balance hormones.

Leigh, BSP Prescribing Pharmacist, Solutions Pharmacy