Thank you for all of the knowledge you have shared with me and continue to do so via email. I am doing quite well with my new lifestyle and have even been able to buy some smaller sizes of clothing. Most importantly, I am feeling quite good and managing to keep going through some very busy times these past 2 weeks!! I have eaten out twice and with your voice ringing in my ears, I have been able to make healthy choices and still enjoy the experience. Yesterday I even enjoyed a small piece of birthday cake with my family. I saw my doctor on Thursday and my blood tests have come back normal, so I am off of the blood thinners.

- Leila

I was struggling with eating healthy and figuring out a daily meal plan for myself and my family. Health reasons dictated that I need a diabetic eating approach to help manage my sugar levels. I started to see Nikki and instantly felt relieved. She helped me every step of the way with meal and snack ideas, exercise, and the explanation of the why’s and how of what I was suppose to eat. I didn't feel like I was flailing out there on my own. It felt good to be accountable to myself for the weekly appointments where we discussed the previous weeks success or failure.  The biggest lesson I took away from this was making me and my family healthier. Even my husband and son lost weight. They loved the meals and tried new vegetables. I am more conscious than ever about what I eat. My blood sugar level is now considered in the normal range. Nikki gave me the tools to do all that.

- Corinna

When I started with Nikki’s Nutrition I thought that my diet was not too bad.  So many years of being told to eat this not that, I was confused about what I should be doing.  I met with Nikki and I told her that I wanted to eat to feel better, have more energy and lose weight.  My only problem was that meeting in her office every week did not work for me, between working all day and my exercise class at night, we could not find a good time.  That is when Nikki offered me her online program, basically, I would use my ipad to log into a session that Nikki sets up and she can show me information on her computer and I can talk to her and she can talk to me.  This was perfect, I could come home, be comfortable and it worked with my schedule. I have learned so much valuable information with Nikki’s Nutrition, I feel better, have more energy and have already lost 13 pounds!  I feel that I have attained all the knowledge I need to make better choices and feel better overall. The program is very much suited to what you personally need and not just here is the program “one size fits all”. Nikki is very easy to talk to and she is always available with any questions you may have.   I just wish I would have contacted her sooner!

- Laurie

Knowledge is Power!  Nikki’s Nutrition gave me everything I needed to make the proper choices.  After 3 months I have lost 20 lbs and will continue to lose more with the information and knowledge I have gained from the program.  The support I received has kept me motivated and challenged me to strive for more. Thank-You!

- Annelise