Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant do?

Holistic nutrition is a special combination of modern science and the philosophy that each person has unique nutritional requirements.

Those trained in holistic nutrition evaluate your nutritional needs and develop personalized health plans, which include nutrient-dense whole foods, lifestyle recommendations, and naturally sourced supplements, in order to bring your health back into a state of homeostasis. They assess your health through one-on-one consultations and detailed questionnaires, and then provide health and lifestyle recommendations that are tailored to your needs and lifestyle.

What will my sessions look like?

Nikki’s Nutrition creates individualized nutrition plans and recipes and helps you follow your plan.  We assist you in understanding food labels and provide you with grocery shopping advice. Your stress levels, exercise routine, quality of sleep and relaxation, and overall lifestyle habits and practices, including smoking or alcohol consumption, are assessed. Nikki’s Nutrition will dig a little deeper and help you to discover your triggers to overeating, help you manage social situations and monitor your progress.  Guidance is given to help you achieve your health goals, but most importantly we educate and empower you, encouraging self-responsibility on your journey to optimal health.

How does a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant differ from a dietitian?

Unlike Dietitians, those trained in holistic nutrition are self-regulated and choose to forego a degree in Dietetics. Their comprehensive training focuses on the sciences, bodily functions and symptoms, whole foods and quality food production, naturally sourced supplements, healthy lifestyle practices, and the body-mind connection.

What is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant qualified to do?

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants have been trained in all functions of the body, including the digestive and intestinal systems, the immune system, food intolerance and allergies, the causes of inflammation, and blood sugar regulation, to name a few. They are also well informed about the connections between the environment, toxins, food production and preparation, and the resulting quality of food. They recommend whole foods that are natural, alive and good quality and a healthy environment.

How is the information gathered?

Client information is obtained through consultations and questionnaires and recommendations are tailored to each individual’s needs.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition communicate with other members of my healthcare team?

Yes, it is vital for your healthcare team to be part of your weight loss, health journey, and to adjust any medications as necessary.

How will I feel working with a Holistic Nutrition Consultant?

You will feel supported and confident that your nutrition advice is personalized to support your needs.  This is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition give me the Canada Food Guide?

No, you will get a personalized meal plan designed to suit your lifestyle, family and health conditions including recipes, menus and specific foods to bring your body back into balance.

Will Nikki’s Nutrition recommend against medications that I am currently taking?

No.  Medications that are prescribed by your doctor must be taken as prescribed.  It is out of the scope of practice for a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant to recommend that medications are discontinued.

Do I have to cook differently for my family?

No.  Your whole family can eat the same foods as you.

Will I have to purchase special foods?

No. You will be able to purchase everything you need from your local grocery store or health food store.

What support will I get?

You receive a 30 minute weekly coaching call and email support from your Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and have access to our nutrition portal with all your nutrition education, handouts and videos.

Will this plan be suitable for my health conditions?

Absolutely.  Your nutrition plan will be tailored specifically for you and your health conditions.

Will I have to purchase special supplements?

All supplements will be recommended specifically for you based on your eating patterns and health conditions.

How often will I talk to my nutrition consultant?

You will talk to them each week for 30 minutes and will be able to email them as necessary.

Will there be support for me after I am done with my program?

Yes, you can move to a maintenance program. When you are finished your program we are not going to leave you on your own. We want you to keep checking in, hear all your successes and your struggles and help you stay on track. 

You will be able to continue to access the online diet and lifestyle journal, with oversight and feedback from Nikki’s Nutrition staff, to help keep you on track with your health goals.

Will my coach be certified in nutrition?

Yes.  All of our staff are Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants with a diploma from a recognized school.

Will this be covered by my insurance?

Some insurance companies will cover the services of a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, but it is your responsibility to check with them first if you require reimbursement.