Digestive health

Having good digestion is essential for overall health.  Our digestive tract is where we absorb all the nutrients to allow our body, brain, and nervous system to function every day.  When digestion is off we might not be getting what we need.

Running to the bathroom constantly or not going enough has a huge impact on how you feel.  The uncomfortable bloating and gas can make you feel sluggish and irritable and it can be downright painful.

Heartburn can stop you in your tracks, make you lose sleep, and have your reaching for medications that have side effects that you might not know about.

There is so much you can do to bring digestive health back into balance.  At Nikki’s Nutrition, we will have a very detailed and in-depth assessment that we conduct with you in order to get to the root cause of exactly what is causing the symptoms. We then create a customized plan that will get you back to optimal health.

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