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Hey there, I’m Nikki.

I’m a recovering cookie monster… nice to meet you!

You see, I’ve been on the other side of the computer screen so to speak. I know intimately what it feels like to be controlled by cravings and have those out of body binge experiences.

You know the ones…

You start the day with conviction and a promise that today will be different. Today you’ll be good.

But, as the day runs on you begin to hear that voice inside your head reminding you that there are cookies in the cupboard. Or donuts in the breakroom. Or a drive thru is only a few minutes out of your way…

That voice also starts to say things like…

What does it matter? 

Just one bite won’t hurt.

You’re a failure anyway, why even try?

For me, it was cookies that consumed my thoughts. 

When my kids were babies,  I had a thing for Chewy Chocolate Chips Ahoy cookies. Mmmmm….I can still remember how it would feel to open that bag and get that hit of sweet, chocolatey air.

I had two kids under the age of two, and like most stay at home moms, my little bit of peace and calm revolved around their nap times (and cookies!) It was during nap that they would start calling my name from the cupboard. It felt wrong, and oh so right all at the same time. They provided that hit of pleasure I was feeling so starved of.

I put them in my cart each week, telling myself they were for the kids, but who was I kidding!? They were lucky if they got a couple out of the whole bag, I got the rest.  

I’d lay my kids down to sleep, and then tip toe over to the cupboard. Just two I’d tell myself. 

But just two, would turn into two more, and two more after that.

My mind would go on autopilot and before I knew it, a whole row was devoured before nap time was over. 

And once I’d gone that far, well then, I’d tell myself. What does a few more matter…I’ll be good again starting tomorrow.

I’d find myself sneaking back to the bag the rest of the day, often shoving a whole cooking into my mouth so my kids wouldn’t see me and I’d have to share.

By bedtime, I had usually gone through a few rows of cookies and every night I vowed to myself that tomorrow would be better, I’d be good, I’d stay out of them. And because I was starting again tomorrow, I might as well finish off the last couple cookies in that row tonight…

And around and around I went. 

Until one day it stopped…

One day, I’d finally had enough.  I decided to break up with the Chewy Chocolate Chips Ahoy cookies and left them in the store. I’d grown tired of being tired. Exhausted from the daily bargaining with myself. Weary of the constant disappointment and self-loathing that built up with each cookie I put into my mouth.

That day, I decided to Ditch the Junk

It wasn’t as easy as ripping off a bandaid though. For a long time I was tempted to put those sweet, chewy little suckers back in my cart, believing that I needed a break / treat. I could remember exactly how they tasted, and that was no accident. Cookies, chips, french fries, ice cream…it’s all designed exactly to make you want to keep coming back for more. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside with exactly the right amount of sugar, fat and salt. I thought that they’d make me feel better. And they did for a moment, but then they made me feel a whole lot worse.

Cookies didn’t really make me feel better, they caused me to feel bad about myself, and all that sugar and fat were depleting my body even further. They were digging me a bigger hole, instead of filling it up.

What DID make me feel better was having a break from the kids, being organized, eating whole, nutrient dense food, movement and exercise, time in nature, laying down on the couch for a nap when they napped. The cookies were keeping my baby weight on, made me feel guilty and like a failure every single day. 

It took that one decision, to Ditch the Junk, to start me on the path to get to where I am today. That one decision (made over and over again) was like a domino effect to many more healthy decisions that followed. And I have stuck with it, which for many of us is the hardest part.

I’m dedicated to now to teach YOU how to Ditch the Junk, and stick with it. I’m dedicated to helping you understand why you think the things that you do, why you sabotage yourself every step of the way, how your brain is working against you and give you different tools, strategies, inspiration, accountability and motivation to get past it so you can achieve your goals. And it doesn’t have to be a weight loss goal. Your health is important; cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, inflammation, gut issues are all influenced by what you eat. It’s what I teach my private coaching clients, and also what I teach in my signature online program Replenish.

I still eat cookies, because you know… joy! Treats are still part of my life, but now, more often than not, they are ones that are made with love instead of manufactured with yucky ingredients that keep me coming back for more. 

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